Healing the Split between Twin Souls

My Soul's Mission has been to assist people to merge with their own divine masculine and divine feminine chakra system.  In 2004 I was downloaded with a frequency for the purpose of ascension.  It took me 12 months to digest that energy and to be given the information about how to bring it to Humanity for the purpose of ascending in consciousness and merging with the God/Goddess or the Alpha and the Omega.  Since then I have been gifted with other frequencies or energies if you like that have a specific purpose, all to do with raising consciousness and returning to the Harmonics of the Perfected Hu-Man.  There appears to be stages on this journey and I have travelled each of them first myself before sharing them with others.  
What I did not know in 2004 when the first of the flames began to birth through me, was that I was indeed bringing through a series of energies that were in relation to the ultimate reunion of Self through the merging of both masculine and feminine aspects …